What do we do? 

Stream Team volunteers can do many things! Some members clean-up their local streams and others measure water quality and parameters through chemical and macroinvertebrate testing (testing requires Stream Team training). Macroinvertebrate testing is typically done twice a year, in the spring and fall.  Our association host 2 major clean-up events each year, but we assist with many others in the area. Check out the "How do I get started?" section for more activity options! 

Where are we? 

Looking towards the southern border of Missouri, Scenic Rivers Stream Team Association (SRSTA) is labelled #18 on the map. This map is from the Stream Teams United website. Missouri has over 110,000 miles of streams, used for drinking, industry, fishing, and enjoyment.  The SRSTA area covers approximately 477 miles of waterways.

Who founded Stream Teams? 

The Missouri Department of Conservation, the Department of Natural Resources, and the Conservation Federation of Missouri developed Stream Teams in 1989 to promote citizen awareness and involvement to keep Missouri streams and rivers clean and healthy. 

How do I get started? 

The fastest way to start a Stream Team is to go to the main Stream Team website. If you wish to do river clean-ups, please read our brochure "How to Conduct a Litter Pick-Up" before doing a clean-up because it outlines important safety tips.

Water Quality Monitoring: Stream Team training must be completed before any monitoring activities are completed. We require this training to ensure your safety and testing accuracy. Follow the Stream Team training link to view the training videos. These videos are pre-recorded and can be watched at any time. There are different levels of training: Introductory, Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. After this training, you can order any items needed for monitoring and begin!

There are many more activities you can do through Stream Teams that don't require training! These include but are not limited to:  Stream Team meetings, stream workshop (attended/conducted), education project, letter written on stream issue, article written for newspaper/newsletter, media contact/interview, tree planting, Stream Team Watershed Inventory Guide filled out/submitted, Zebra mussel monitoring, storm drain stenciling, streambank stabilization, habitat improvement, Greenway development, recruiting new Team OR new members, Adopt-An-Access, Forest keepers monitoring, and watershed mapping.

Where can I learn more? 

Visit the parent Missouri Stream Team website for more information or use the contact form on the home page to contact us. We post frequent updates on our Facebook page

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